Why Quit Smoking?

Nowadays no one needs to tell you about the serious health effects of smoking. We all know how bad it is to smoke.


It’s old news that a single cigarette contains 1000’s of toxic poisons of which many have been confirmed to cause cancers, strokes and heart attacks. That smoking is the largest cause of preventable illness, disease and death and a smoker’s life expectancy is reduced by 14 years on average.

Worldwide, around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco (according to the World Health Organization). This means every 6.5 seconds someone dies from smoking. That’s one jumbo jet plane full of people crashing every 45 minutes.

Don't be part of that statistic. All smokers have the opportunity to quit smoking right now and experience the huge positive & immediate benefits that this has on your health, wealth and happiness!


Imagine living a life free of smoking …


Free of coughs, sore throats and illness caused by smoking

Free of bad breath and that acrid taste in your mouth

Free of body odour, clothes and hair that smell like cigarette smoke

Free of yellow stained fingers and teeth

Free of feeling unhealthy and unfit with low physical stamina and being out of breath easily


And these are just some of the health related benefits of quitting smoking. Your state of mind is also just as important.


Imagine quitting smoking and being free from …


  • Worrying about the damage to you health with each cigarette you smoke
  • Having smoking on your mind all the time - always having to be concerned about your next cigarette, where you’ll smoke and running out of cigarettes
  • The disruption and time involved in taking smoking breaks
  • Knowing that smoking effects your level of intimacy with your partner due to bad breath and the smell of smoking
  • A lower self esteem from being controlled by this unwanted habit
  • Worrying about passive smoking by children and your influence on them to smoke
  • Feeling like an outcast in a society that is now putting bans on smoking including some in society that look down on smokers


Not to mention being free from a habit that drains your bank account of money that could be used in so many other ways to enhance your life. The average 1 pack a day smoker spends around $5,000 a year on smoking. How many years have you smoked for? That’s a lot of money!


Imagine being free from all of this! This is what non-smokers enjoy everyday. A life of greater health, wealth and happiness.


A life of …


  • Greater fitness, energy and stamina – more achievement and play in life
  • Greater self esteem knowing you have done something truly significant for yourself
  • Feeling more positive and alive
  • Looking better and younger with healthier skin
  • Having a richer experience of food with your improved sense of taste and smell
  • Being more attractive to others and your partner (or potential partners)
  • Improved physical health of your whole body including your brain – better memory, decision making, mood and happier attitude.
  • Breathing clean, fresh air more fully and freely
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Being a positive example to children
  • And a much larger bank account! – and all the wonderful things you can do with all that extra money: pay off debts and reward yourself with some luxury items.


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