Your Cost Of Smoking & The Session Fee

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? 

For a smoker who smokes 1 pack a day the cost of smoking is around $400 a month which is around $5,000 a year. That’s every year. How many years have you smoked for? Likely a large number.  So smoking has cost you many 10’s of thousands of dollars and continues to cost you many $1000's of dollars per year, every year.


To see exactly how much your smoking habit costs you, fill in the values below and press the 'calculate' button



And this financial cost is not even the BIG cost.  The big cost is the cost of your health … and statistically speaking, the cost of your LIFE. How much value do you put on your life?  You can’t.  It’s priceless.

This is why our clients are happy with the investment they make to Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes. The investment is the same amount the average smoker spends on cigarettes in only 5 weeks of smoking. 
The investment to Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes is only $495
(see discount below) which includes your Guarantee.

All you need to do is take the money you would have spent on smoking anyway and use it to Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes.
  As soon as you stop smoking you will be saving this amount every month for the rest of your life.  For the typical smoker this is like getting a pay rise of $6,500 a year.



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Further Options:

    Payment Plan available

    Book with a friend and each receive a $50 discount
    Ask us about these at time of booking.


    Enter below the session fee and how much you spend on smoking each week to see how quickly the session fee is repaid once you Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes.


    You will then be saving the below amounts every year! (click 'calculate')


    You can’t afford NOT to quit



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