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23 Jun 2013

<p class="plain"><font class="plainlarge">&#x201C;I felt out of control over my habit. The session made me realise 20 years of insane excuses where everyone goes through stress and other triggers and they don&#x2019;t smoke harmful chemicals and toxins to cope. Now I have the tools and the mindset to be a non-smoker and breathe fresh air for life. I&#x2019;m doing very well. &#xA0;Not one cigarette. &#xA0;In fact I forget that I once was so reliant on the things. I found the session incredibly relaxing and easy. &#xA0;I was apprehensive, as I&#x2019;d tried hypnotherapy before, but I wanted to quit so badly that I had to try it. It&#x2019;s worked. Immediately after the session I felt wonderful. &#xA0;I&#x2019;m now also jogging, and feel the best I&#x2019;ve ever felt. Thank you so much for freeing me&#x201D; Kelli C</font></p><div class="plain"><div><br></div></div><div class="plain"><font class="plainlarge"><h3>Find out how you can quit for good here </h3><a class="plainlarge" href="" link target="_blank"><b>Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes</b></a><br></font></div><p class="plain"></p>


27 Feb 2013

<p class="plain"><font class="plainlarge">&#x201C;I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the amazing part you played in kicking the smoking habit for me. You truly are at the top of your game &amp; have a real gift! I battled with it for so many years &amp; now, when I look back I am just so grateful I am free from that which was killing me. You saved my life! Thank you! I am now healthy &amp; becoming fit again. I am even coaching kids rugby &amp; back at the gym 2-3 times a week &amp; my close friends &amp; family are telling me I look 10 years younger! I have certainly told everyone &amp; they all know who to call to get your number when they are ready to stop smoking. Thanks again!&#x201D; Andrew H<br></font><br><h3>Find out how you can quit for good here </h3><font class="plainlarge"><a class="plainlarge" href="" link target="_blank"><b>Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes</b></a></font><br></p>

Client Feedback!

15 Jan 2013

<h3>More client comments on using the Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes session to quit smoking for good<br></h3><br><p class="plain">&#x201C;I&#x2019;ve tried before and haven&#x2019;t got rid of the habit and feel this has given me the tools to do so. I feel great and do not want a cigarette. It has been so much easier than I thought and I haven&apos;t touched one and never will!&#x201D; Jess G</p><font class="plain"> </font><p class="plain">&#xA0;</p> <p class="plain">&#x201C;Thank you so much for your help. The best thing I ever did. It has helped me understand why I couldn&#x2019;t give up smoking in the past. It has changed my outlook on life as a non smoker. I am now aware of all the great possibilities I have for my future as a non-smoker. People smoke around me and it doesn&#x2019;t bother me. I can feel the benefits it has given me. I&#x2019;m happy being a non smoker. I have more time on my hands now. I still go outside for a break, but the air is much nicer to breath. My kids are so proud of me. Hypnosis is definitely the way to go - pain free, which has been wonderful. I have recommended you to my friends&#x201D; Kaaraka S</p> <p class="plain">&#xA0;</p> <p class="plain">&#x201C;It was a positive experience. I felt extremely relaxed and the positive messages were so deep in my mind that I knew this would work. I am a non-smoker now and will be always&#x201D; Katie</p> <p class="plain">&#xA0;</p> <p class="plain">&#x201C;I found this a brilliant session and more than I expected. Ever so relaxing &amp; helped me see life in a different way. Highly recommend this method!&#x201D; Glenda H</p> <p class="plain">&#xA0;</p> <p class="plain">&#x201C;Now I am free from smoking I will no longer be burdened by smoking and all that it brings. I am confident that this method has worked and I will achieve my goals&#x201D; Andrew S</p> <p class="plain">&#xA0;</p> <p class="plain">&#x201C;Immediately I felt my positive. Like I&#x2019;ve got my life back at last. Steve is very knowledgeable and professional without being judgemental&#x201D; Giselle K</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain"><h3>Find out how you can quit for good here <u><b></b></u></h3><h3 href="/index_A.html" link target="_self"><a href="/index_A.html" link rel="undefined" target="_self"><b><u>Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes</u></b></a></h3><br></p> <br>

Secrets to Quitting Smoking

15 Nov 2012

<p class="plain"><h2>The Real Reasons For Smoking</h2><br>As discussed in earlier articles, it is the mental habit that is the main cause of smoking. Now let&apos;s take a deeper look into what this mental habit entails.<br><br>There are 3 main aspects to the mental habit of smoking:<br><br>1) The automatic behaviour of smoking. Sometimes smoking is done without any awareness of the lighting up process. We can often be on &apos;automatic pilot&apos; and not even aware of our own actions. This might be because our mind is off daydreaming or occupied with other things. The behaviour occurs automatically out of habit.<br><br>2) Habitual urges to smoke. The smoking habit is linked to certain situations where someone regularly smokes eg. first thing in the morning, with coffee, after meals, phone, driving, alcohol, stress etc. These situations trigger the urge to smoke simply out of habit. When you don&apos;t know how to handle these urges it is all too easy for the urge to take control of your actions and lead you to smoke.<br><br>3) Smoking is used as an habitual coping strategy. Often a habit has formed of using cigarettes to try and cope with certain situations - stressful situations, to relax, boredom, taking a break, to &apos;escape&apos;, time to think, a &apos;reward&apos;. Again, these situations trigger the habit of smoking.<br><br>If you want to quit smoking for good you need to use a method that addresses the mental habit in all its aspects. The Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes session does this. Simply read the client comments page to see for yourself.&#xFEFF;<br></p>

Secrets to Quitting Smoking

12 Aug 2012

<p class="plain"><h2>Why People Struggle to Quit Smoking</h2><br>The reason people struggle to quit is because the common methods people use - will power, patches, gum, drugs etc - don&apos;t work.<br>The success rates of these methods tells the story:<br>- Will power 3-6%<br>- Nicotine replacement (patches, gum etc) 10-15%<br>- Drugs 15-20%<br>If the cause of smoking was nicotine, then using patches, gum etc would work. But these don&apos;t work.<br>The reason these methods don&apos;t work is because they don&apos;t address the real cause of why people smoke. The real cause is the mental habit.<br>Smoking is highly repetitive and habits are formed through repetition. Then smoking is regularly done at certain times - after meals, stressful situations, with alcohol etc - and the habit gets linked to those situations. The mental habit automatically creates the urge and behaviour of smoking.<br>Slapping a patch on your arm or popping a pill isn&apos;t going to help with the mental habit.<br>If you want to quit smoking for good you need to use a method that addresses the mental habit. The Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes session does exactly this and this is why it works and our client testimonial page is filled with success stories.&#xFEFF;<br></p>

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